Torch Family Fitness | 317 Talbot St N, Essex, ON N8M 2E2 | (519) 776-9312

Torch Family Fitness | 317 Talbot St N, Essex, ON N8M 2E2
(519) 776-9312


About Us

Welcome to Torch Family Fitness, Essex's leading fitness club committed to empowering individuals in a family-friendly environment to meet their health and wellness goals. Founded in 2023, Torch Family Fitness is a locally owned and operated establishment run by passionate fitness enthusiasts and active club members.

Our Philosophy

At Torch Family Fitness, we recognize that fitness is more than just physical activity—it's a lifestyle commitment. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and encouraging atmosphere where individuals of all ages and fitness levels can thrive.

Our Facility

Torch Family Fitness is equipped with a diverse selection of professional-grade equipment, designed for strength training, cardio conditioning, and a variety of group fitness classes. Our facility is designed to cater to various fitness needs and preferences, ensuring a comprehensive workout experience for our members.

We understand the significance of a balanced fitness routine in achieving optimal results. By incorporating strength training to build muscle, cardio workouts to promote fat burning and cardiovascular health, and group fitness classes to enhance overall endurance and flexibility, we are devoted to helping you reach your fitness goals.

Join us today and embark on your journey towards a healthier, fitter, and more active lifestyle!